Do good with your grease.

Maine Standard Biofuels is Maine’s only full service Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collector and biodiesel manufacturer. We provide prompt, scheduled UCO collection and manufacture clean burning, premium biodiesel. The UCO will never find its way back into our food chain and will always be processed into biodiesel and biodegradable soaps.

  • Hassle free, seamless transition from any current service. .
  • FREE new container and set up.
  • NO monthly fees for UCO containers.
  • Our custom built containers have a small footprint and durable steel construction.
  • New England owned and operated; money and jobs stay within the local economy. 
  • Regionally recognized by environmental agencies for creating jobs and sustainable energy.
  • Ask about our other products including automated collection systems and filtration.

Small Amount?

We gladly accept any amount used cooking oil, no lard please. Just drop it off in a sealed container at 51 Ingersoll Drive in Portland. If we aren't there, just leave it by a door. Thank you!



It’s nice to work with a local company that is recycling our waste oil. My next car will be a DIESEL and use BIODIESEL from Maine Standard Biofuels. It makes sense.

Tod Dana, El Rayo

Maine Standard Biofuels has far exceeded our expectations.

Christian Gordon, Seadog Brewery

We enjoy working with Maine Standard Biofuels. They are hard working group of guys making a renewable fuel from our waste oil. This is a win-win.”

David Barber, Barber Foods