Oil Furnace Service

Maine Standard Biofuels now offers annual oil furnace/boiler services required to properly maintain your heating system.

Our services include:

  • Nozzle Replacement
  • Oil Burner Cleaning
  • Electronic Ignition Checkup
  • Replacement of Pump Filter
  • Replacement of Oil Tank Fuel Filter
  • Adjust and Calibrate for Maximum Efficiency
  • Test Emergency Shut-off
  • Inspection of Boiler/Furnace/Chimney for Safety
  • Combustion Analytics
  • Cleaning of System
  • Adjust Pump Pressure


Set Up An Appointment

We are offering service by appointment only to new and existing customers. Please, choose a time and date from the calendar to the right to confirm your appointment. 

You can expect our technician to spend about 1 hour working on your heating system.