About Us

Welcome to Maine Standard Biofuels.

We are a renewable energy company that manufactures premium biodiesel in Portland Maine. We collect used cooking grease from over 900 restaurants from Bar Harbor to Connecticut and recycle it into high quality biodiesel as well as a powerful cleaning product called Wicked Strong. Based in Portland since 2006, we strongly value the environmental and financial benefits of having our business focused on environmentally sound localism and sustainability.

Our grease collection is competitively priced and environmentally friendly. Our custom grease collection containers are made from 100% recycled materials. Your grease will always be used to make biodiesel, never sold for animal feed. In addition to grease collection we offer bundled services with other vendors to reduce hassle and cost.

Our biodiesel is a premium fuel with lower emissions and higher lubricity than petroleum diesel. It can be used in most diesel cars, trucks, and equipment without modification. Our fuel is made exclusively from waste grease and meets the stringent ASTM D6751 No. 1-B standard, allowing for superior cold-flow properties. We sell our fuel in bulk and at the pump for businesses and individuals.  We also sell biodiesel heating fuel in the greater Portland area.

For more information about plant tours, grease collection, and biodiesel call us at 207 878 3001.